Advertisement Policy -2013.12



 The Sinai Temple Board of Trustees (Sinai) believes that advertising in its monthly bulletin is an effective way for individuals, groups and businesses to convey important, relevant and appropriate information to Sinai Temple members. Advertising can also produce a stream of income which is necessary for the operations of Sinai Temple. Sinai authorizes advertisements to be placed in its monthly bulletin according to this policy.


1. Ads may be submitted by an individual, group or business, regardless of their affiliation with Sinai Temple.

2. Ads will be included in Sinai’s monthly bulletin which will be distributed to Sinai members by email and, to some members, by regular mail.

3. Ads may be available for Sinai fund-raising programs, books, and special publications.

4. Ads are not available in programs or flyers for religious services. E.g. Order of Service for High Holidays, Shabbat, etc.

5. Ads must be factual, in good taste and consistent with Jewish values.

6. Sinai will not publish political ads.

7. Products and services being advertised must be compliant with state and federal laws and regulations.

8. Sinai does not endorse any person, company, product or service in the ads.

9. Advertisers must submit their ads in a format consistent with the needs of Sinai.

10. Sinai reserves the right to decline or cancel any ad for any reason, solely at Sinai’s discretion (The Sinai Temple Rabbi, in consultation with the President of Sinai Temple). Advertisers cannot bring legal action based on Sinai’s decision to not run or cancel anSinai will provide a refund if Sinai does not publish an ad.

11. Due to IRS guidelines, Sinai limits ad space to under 25% of the bulletin.

12. No advertiser is entitled to membership information other than the number of congregational members.

13. Rate: $20 for business card size

14. This policy will be in effective for 6 months and then reviewed by the Board.









I acknowledge that I have read the Sinai Temple Advertising Policy and agree to comply with it.  





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