Amid the Alien Corn: 1904-2004

“100 Years of Sinai Temple in Champaign, IL”

Amid the Alien Corn is a book celebrating the centenary of Sinai Temple. The book consists of more than 30 sections, written by historians, anthropologists, and others, on topics such as mid-nineteenth century settlers and midwestern economic and regional Jewish history, immigration, Jewish burial practices, genealogy, and Jewish veterans. The volume includes a study of Abram Sachar, who worked with others here to develop the nation’s first Hillel Foundation at the University of Illinois. Also included are sections covering the successful integration of Reform and traditional congregants in one Temple, as well as a section on gays and lesbians in Sinai Temple.

Amid the Alien Corn is a lively portrayal of Sinai Temple’s long, rich history and its promising future. A colorful patchwork of facts and figures, personal reminiscences and stories by and about leaders and members of the Sinai Temple family – past and present – its pages lovingly depict the congregation’s struggles and successes, as well as trends in the evolution of Reform Judaism throughout the last century.”

– Rabbi Eric H. Yoffie, President, Union for Reform Judaism

This beautifully designed full-color volume is filled with recent and archival photos. The detailed information is , is professionally indexed and is useful to scholarly researchers as well as to those with a general interest in small town American Judaism.

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