Membership Pledges

Sinai Temple serves the religious needs of the Jewish community as well as provides a setting for many of the Jewish social and cultural activities that occur in Champaign-Urbana. None of this would be possible without your meaningful financial contribution. Sinai Temple does not have a specific dues amount in order to be a member in good standing.  Rather, we ask members to make a pledge, and then fulfill it, in an amount that is realistic to their personal financial circumstances.    

Our pledge process allows members to set their own level of support, based on a target support level of 1.6% of household income – we estimate that if families self-assess at this level, we will have adequate funds to operate. Members are also asked to contribute $1,500 to the building fund over the lifetime of their membership. It is generally paid in ten annual payments of $150.   This pledge structure is based on our deep conviction that the vast majority of members will be guided by their sense of responsibility to support the Jewish community in a spirit of generosity and good will.  Because some members will be unable to meet the target level, we greatly appreciate the generosity of members who are able to make up the shortfall. No member of our congregation is turned away for financial reasons. 

Please find below Membership Pledge and Application forms. Coming soon: We are investigating ways to take your pledges online. Please check back in the future.