Oneg Shabbat

The oneg is defined as a celebration in honor of the Sabbath, literally, “Sabbath Delight.” At Sinai Temple, the congregation has the honor and pleasure of hosting our own onegs, every Friday night of the year. We “sign up” for onegs in honor of our parents, our children and ourselves, and sometimes because our congregation needs us.

If you wish to sign up for a Friday night Erev Shabbat or Shabbat Rocks oneg or for a Traditional Minyan Kiddush Luncheon, please click here to see a list of available dates. To host an oneg, please send email to Lisa Sherrin. Onegs can be simple, with just some fruit, challah and cookies or they can be more elaborate with wine, cheese, cake and vegetables. There are often pre-baked sweets and challah in the freezer, just waiting to be used for an oneg. A guide has been created to help Oneg volunteers here.

An option for those who wish to do an oneg, but are short on time or may be physically unable to work in the kitchen, is to hire our kitchen helpers at your own expense, ($20 per hour per helper) to set up, serve and clean up an oneg for you. You only need to provide the food that you want to serve; Pat and/or Katherine will do the rest. If you are interested in this option, please call Diane Ore, chair of the Kitchen/Oneg Committee, at 356-7688.

Please note:

1. Pat is available for hire to clean up onegs most every Friday night. Again, this option would be at the host’s expense, $20 per hour.

2. If you do not have a key card, and wish to set up before 7 p.m., please make arrangements with the Temple Administrator ( in the main office to borrow one for entry into the building on the night of your oneg.

3. It is the responsibility of the oneg hosts to close the lights in the pods, kitchen and entryways on the way out of the building. Please help us conserve energy and lower our electric bills! Be sure the front doors lock securely behind you.