Sinai Temple has two types of funds:

Endowed Funds:

Endowed funds are to be used for a specific purpose, consistent with the intent of the person who created the fund. Our financial goal is to preserve the principal so that it retains its value over the long run despite inflation. This is done by using earnings, as necessary, and adding earnings to principal when not needed. Some of Sinai Temple’s endowed funds are owned by Sinai Temple and managed by the Champaign Urbana Jewish Endowment Fund while others are owned and managed by the CUJEF for the benefit of Sinai Temple. More information can be found here.

Obligated Funds

Obligated funds are created for specific purposes and may be used, as necessary, and may supplement the temple’s annual budget. Obligated funds are owned and managed by Sinai Temple. More information can be found here.