High Holy Day Experiences for Children Form

  • If you have children or grandchildren who will participate in High Holy Day services at Sinai Temple, please consider the following opportunities. Pre-registration is required as we will need to ensure that we provide proper staffing and supplies. Children who are signed up for any of the opportunities are expected to stay with their group for the entirety of the program. If a child needs to leave, a parent (or other designated adult) will need to check the child out of the program. This is for the safety of the children and in consideration of worshippers.

    Babysitting: Babysitting will take place in the Hand in Hand room and will be staffed by adults and teens. There will be unstructured activities, free play, snacks, stories and projects. Babysitting will be offered for evening and morning services, please see age limits below. There is no cost for babysitting.

    Rosh Hashana (1st Day) and Yom Kippur Morning Jewnior Congregation: Open to children in Kindergarten—6th grades. The children will participate in an age-appropriate and interactive service. There will also be activities that are related to the themes of the High Holy Days. If you prefer that your child not create on the holidays, please let Rabbi Jody know when you sign up.

    If you have questions, please contact Rabbi Jody (educator@sinaitemplecu.org or 217-352-8654).
  • Please complete and return this form to Sinai Temple by September 25, 2019 for a guaranteed spot in these programs.

    If you would prefer to send in a paper copy of the form it must be received by September 25, 2019. Please click this link for a pdf of this form: High Holy Day Experiences for Children - 2019 PDF
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  • The Hand in Hand room will be open on RH/YK morning at 9:00. For parents who attend the Egalitarian Traditional Minyan, children may be dropped off and picked up in the babysitting room.

    Children who are in grades K-6 will participate in Jewnior Congregation services and activities from 9:45–approximately 1:00.