Religious School

The mission of Sinai Temple Religious School is to provide a positive, stimulating, and creative learning environment which facilitates the development of active and enthusiastic Jewish youth. This is achieved through providing an excellent learning environment, materials, and faculty, as well as an atmosphere conducive to life-long Jewish learning.

The goal is to foster a strong and positive Jewish identity and commitment to living a Jewish life. Our hope is that students develop a strong sense of what it means to be Jewish and to have a strong commitment to Judaism and Jewish life that carries through to adult life.

We teach our young people the importance of God and Torah. Students are instructed on and exposed to Jewish religious practice and prayers, Jewish holidays and customs, Jewish history, and the Hebrew language. We aim to foster a commitment to Israel and social responsibility.

Important information about the religious school can be found in the Parent Handbook.

The Religious School calendar is available online and as a PDF file.

There are many opportunities to support the Religious School including Sinai Café, High Holiday Greetings, and the Purim Carnival. For other opportunities, please contact Rabbi Jody Cook.